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Veteran DVD Review

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“Veteran” is an entertaining Korean flick.

In “Veteran,” a goofy, violent, “loose cannon” Detective (Seo Do-Cheol) is trying to crack down on a rich, sadistic, jackass heir (Cho Tae-Oh) to the Sin Jin Trading Corp. Unfortunately for Seo, Cho is able to his connections, power, and influence to cover up criminal activity. Will Cho continue to get away with crimes or will Seo be able to finally stop that from happening?

“Veteran” is a bit of an odd movie from a tonal perspective. The film starts out in a quirky manner with fast paced scenes, dopey humor, and an amusing and inventive action sequence in a car garage. Truth be told, this portion of the film almost feels like a cartoony sitcom. Shortly thereafter, however, the film becomes more of a cop drama although there are still moments of comedy and action (see the climactic car chase and street fight). As you can imagine, this combination of genres is all rather strange, but somehow, the movie still manages to work.

Plot wise, there’s nothing new here as we’ve seen a story of a powerful criminal evading the law countless times before. If you look past that though, this movie has a lot to offer viewers with an interesting main character in Seo, cop characters that aren’t just clichés, funny bits of comedy, intense action and drama sequences, and a compelling villain in Cho. It’s just a fun, entertaining movie that holds your interest from start to finish. Sometimes, that’s enough.


Presentation: 16:9. How does it look? This disc boasts a crisp DVD transfer.

Audio Tracks: Korean and English 5.1 and Stereo Tracks. How do they sound? Forget about the English dub and stick with the original Korean track (preferably the 5.1 track).

The only extras are trailers for “Veteran,” “No Tears For The Dead,” “The Divine Move,” “The Piper,” and “The Admiral: Roaring Currents.”

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