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Keep On Keepin’ On DVD Review

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“Keep On Keepin’ On” is a rewarding documentary film.

In the documentary film “Keep On Keepin’On,” the story revolves around two individuals-the legendary Jazz trumpet player Clark Terry and a young blind up and coming piano player named Justin Kauflin. Despite his waning health and old age, Clark continues to do what the title suggests by teaching young musicians. One of those musicians is Justin who is trying to carve out a career for himself. While the film primarily focuses on the bond between Clark and Justin, there’s more going on than just that as we learn about the past of the two men, Clark’s accomplishments and influence on musicians, and Clark’s friendship with Quincy Jones (who is integral to the end of the film).

Like with many documentaries, the film is comprised of newly shot footage, archival footage (including performances of Clark in his prime) and interviews with family members and friends such as Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, and Wynton Marsalis.

In these cynical and often dark times, it is refreshing to see a film brimming with positivity such as “Keep On Keepin’ On.” Even though Clark and Justin both face challenges and obstacles throughout the film, their friendship, perseverance, and love of music stands tall. It’s really moving to not only see their powerful teacher-student dynamic, but to see how their strong friendship helps them both. It’s simply a touching and sometimes tear jerking documentary about people. It’s really a model film about the human spirit and human connections that more people should probably watch and learn from.


I cannot comment on the video or audio quality as I received a screener disc for review.

* Anchor Bay trailers.
* 4 deleted and extended scenes.
* 6 ½ minutes of additional interviews.

* “Clark Terry On Performing” and “Clark Terry On Teaching”- Brief interviews segments with Clark and Justin.
* “Jazz Archive”- 3 interviews with Clark Terry and James Scott and lost footage from The Tonight Show.
* A Q&A With Al Hicks, David Nugent, And Alec Baldwin. An intimate half hour plus Q&A from the Hamptons International Film Festival that covers everything from music to Clark Terry.



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