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Star Wars Celebration 2016 Wish List

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As a die hard “Star Wars” fan, I am obviously anticipating Star Wars Celebration 2016. I may not be going to London for the big event, but I will be following the news coming out of it with great interest. While every Celebration has major announcements, fans like myself are expecting numerous BIG announcements from this one. I figured I would compile a list of reveals (in no order) that I am hoping to see come true. Without further adieu…

  1. New “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Trailer- If there’s one thing I am certain of it’s a new trailer for Rogue One and I can’t wait to see it. I just hope we get to see Darth Vader this time.
  1. Episode 8 Title- It’s time we know what this movie will be called.
  1. New Star Wars Movie Announcements- After Episode 9, we don’t know what movies are coming down the pipe. I think it’s time we find out.
  1. “Star Wars Rebels” Season 3 Trailer- After the incredible season 2 finale, I’m aching to see some new footage. Will Cad Bane return? Will Thrawn show up in this season? Will there be Rogue One connections? Hopefully the trailer will answer some of these questions.
  1. New Book And Comic Book Titles- I’d be shocked if there wasn’t at least a couple new Del Rey book or Marvel comic titles announced.
  1. Episode 8 Teaser- I get that this convention will primarily focus on Rogue One, but since filming is almost complete for Ep. 8, it seems logical there could be a brief teaser for next year’s SW release.
  1. Rogue One Action Figures- We didn’t get much information about TFA toys this time last year but maybe we’ll get something about the upcoming Hasbro Rogue One action figure releases.
  1. More Details About The Han Solo Film- Since Lord and Miller are attending a panel I’m hoping we’ll get new details whether it be a title, more casting announcements or even a story breakdown.
  1. New Live-Action TV series?- I love “Star Wars Rebels” as much as the next fan, but I am dying for a live-action series. I doubt we’ll be hearing about one this year, but you never know.
  1. New Fantasy Flight “Star Wars” Game- Anyone who is into the board/card game scene knows FFG has been killing it for the last years. While there will probably be new expansion details for their existing games, it would be nice to hear about a new SW game in the works. Maybe something in the prequel or TFA era?



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