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Eddie The Eagle Blu-ray Review

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“Eddie The Eagle” is one of 2016’s best films so far.

Based on the real life story of Olympian Michael Eddie Edwards, “Eddie The Eagle” revolves around a determined young British man (Eddie Edwards) whose lifelong dream is to be in the Olympics. Despite having no athletic abilities or extraordinary talents, the eccentric Eddie is driven to make it a reality. After trying and failing at several sports, Eddie decides on ski jumping since he believes he could make the 1988 British Winter Olympic team as there hasn’t been a British ski jumper in 60 years. From there on out, Eddie heads to Germany to train. Eventually, he falls under the tutelage of Bronson Peary (a former American ski jumper) who helps make his dream become a reality against all odds.

“Eddie The Eagle” is one of those quirky underdog stories that could have easily been supremely cheesy. Instead, this heartwarming movie really wins you over. It’s not a typical underdog story in that Eddie wasn’t a great athlete who won a big prize. What makes it so rewarding is that he achieved his goal. He could have been injured or worse in the process, but everything turned out fine in the end. He even became a rightful fan favorite in the process. It’s just an all around accessible and inspiring story of a human being accomplishing something.

The story may work on its own, but a lot of credit should be given to the performers. Rising star Taron Egerton completely disappears into the role of Eddie Edwards. Not only does he look unrecognizable, but he just feels entirely convincing in the role. Hugh Jackman also shines as his often drunken mentor (Bronson Peary) in need of redemption. Jackman plays off of Egerton exceedingly well while also making his character stand out in the process.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The disc boasts a crisp hi-def transfer. The snowy exterior scenes look especially spectacular.

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? From the dialogue  to the cheesy 80’s inspired music, this track is sharp all around.

* DVD copy and digital copy.
* Fox trailers and an “Eddie The Eagle” trailer.
* Still gallery.
* “All Or Nothing: The Hero’s Heart”- A sort of all encompassing half-hour featurette that contains information about how the movie came about, the story, the characters/real life people, and the production. Interviews with cast and crew members (including the real Michael Edwards) and set footage are included.
* “An Unlikely Friendship: Eddie And Peary”- An extra about the dynamic between the two characters (and actors).

* “Attitude Is Altitude: Filming The Ski Jumps”- Speaks for itself.

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