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Appointment With Crime Blu-ray Review

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“Appointment With Crime” is a solid British noir.

The Story: After a botched smash and grab job, a rough and tough criminal (Leo) ends up being abandoned by his criminal gang (led by Gus), having his wrists broken, being snatched by the cops, and imprisoned. Eventually, he is freed back into the world where he seeks to land a new job from Gus. Gus, however, turns him away which pisses off Leo to say the least. He gets so angry that he sets out to seek revenge against Gus (and others) by framing them. Of course, his plan is further complicated by an alibi turned lover (Carol) and a Scotland Yard investigator.

As a fan of William Hartnell (best known as the First Doctor from “Doctor Who”) and the noir film genre, “Appointment With Crime” intrigued me from the get go. Truth be told, it is William Hartnell’s performance as the gruff Leo that is probably the most interesting part of the movie. His hardened criminal character carries the movie as the script chronicles the story of his character. Plus it’s fascinating to compare him in this and other work like “Doctor Who” where he shows some real range. Yes, both characters are grouchy, but The Doctor is likable where as Leo is most certainly not.

In terms of the actual story, “Appointment With Crime” is a standard little dark noir movie. No more, no less. The drama and acting come off as a bit stiff at times to be sure, but Leo’s doomed plans manage to hold your attention for the duration. Basically, if you like noir films, it’s worth a watch. It’s not a genre changer, but it’s a decent entry nonetheless.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? The B&W transfer is far from flawless as it contains dirt specs, scratches and some flickers. With that said, it is a solid print given its age.

Audio Track: Unspecified Mono. How does it sound? Flat, but decent.

Extras: None


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