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Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War Product Reviews

Booster Pack.jpgCivil War Starter SetPlaymat

“Civil War” is a satisfying Dice Masters expansion.

Conveniently timed for release with “Captain America: Civil War,” “Civil War” is the latest Marvel Dice Masters expansion set. Much like previous releases, WizKids has released a starter set, playmat, dice bags, gravity feed, booster packs, team box, and a collectors box to accompany this expansion, but what can gamers expect to see in terms of content? Read on to find out!

While I tend to start out by breaking down the starter set, I think it’s best to dig into the set as a whole (namely the booster pack and gravity feed releases) as there’s quite a bit of material to cover here. First off, you may notice that there are characters that do not appear in either the “Civil War” comic series or the movie such as Rocket Raccoon and Deathlok. I have no complaints about new character additions (I was quite happy to see Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel), but it’s a bit odd from a thematic point of view to include characters that weren’t apart of this storyline. Still, there are plenty of characters that were in one or both “Civil War” stories such as Captain America, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and so on. Secondly, there are a whopping 7 affiliations in this set including Spider-Friends, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., Thunderbolts, New Warriors, Villains, and Avengers. Again, it’s a strange assortment, but it definitely provides many more themed deck possibilities. Lastly, there are 3 new mechanics here including Intimidate (which allows players to remove an opposing character die from the Field Zone until the end of the turn), Resistance (this ability kicks in when a character die you control was KO’d on a turn), and Enlistment (an ability that basically forces an opponent to KO a character die or suffer the consequences). I’m always a fan of new mechanics and these 3 really open the game up even more (especially when it comes to getting back at the opponent).

In terms of the starter set, it includes 2 paper dice bags (one picturing Captain America and the other Iron Man), 12 action dice, 10 action cards, and 22 character cards (3 for each character except Iron Man and Captain America who only have 2 cards for some reason). Characters included in this set are: Wasp, She-Hulk, Scarlet Spider, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man, Falcon, Captain America (who has a very cool colored dice), and Black Widow.

Obviously, the characters and their cards will certainly allow gamers more deck/character options as will the new action cards. Speaking of which, there were 2 stand out action cards for me: 1. “Long Live The Resistance”- Gain 4 life. Resistance- If a character die you control was KO’d this turn, gain 5 life instead. Global: Pay mask energy. Prevent all damage to you from one opposing die’s “When attacks” ability.” 2. “The Front Line”- “Unblocked attacking character dice gain +3A until end of turn. Global: Pay fist energy. Target opposing character die can’t block this turn unless your opponent pays 1 life.” Both cards provide an intriguing way to get the upper hand on an opponent.

Last, but not least, I got my hands on the new Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War Playmat and it’s a cool one to be sure. The pad contains an epic image of Cap and Iron Man clashing plastered over the entire mat. It’s the same image that graces the starter set and booster packs. If you are a fan of either character, “Civil War,” or are in need of a playmat, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Overall Thoughts: While it would have been fun to see a set that was entirely comprised of “Civil War” characters, I still love the new character additions/factions (some of which have been a LONG time coming) as well as the new mechanics. Recommended.

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