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The Whoopee Boys Blu-ray Review

The Whoopee Boys Blu-ray

“The Whoopee Boys” is woefully unfunny.

In “The Whoopee Boys,” two New York Street peddlers/pals (Jake and Barney) head off to Palm Beach, Florida whether they proceed to crash a party, find ways to make cash, and chase women. Eventually, Jake meets a woman named Olivia who is trying to find a suitable husband in order to keep her inheritance and save an orphanage. Wanting to help her out, Jake learns how to be a socialite by going to charm school, but will his newfound education pay off?

If you’ve never heard of “The Whoopee Boys” before, it’s for good reason as it’s a downright cringe worthy comedy film. The racist jokes are groan worthy, the raunchy one-liners fall flat, the script feels like bad improv that was written on set, and the film hops from one moment to the next in the most rushed way imaginable. Is it possible that fans of juvenile humor may get something out of this movie? Absolutely, but it’s not for me.

In terms of the cast, it’s interesting to say the least. Michael O’Keefe (who had many pivotal roles in the 80’s) is ok here, but his talents seem wasted. Paul Rodriguez is Paul Rodriguez. He’s loud, talkative, crude, and tries to make the movie about him. The best performances actually come from the supporting players here. Even though I have no idea what Denholm Elliott is doing in this movie, he has the best role (I won’t spoil what that is). Eddie Deezen (an 80’s comedy veteran) also has some amusing moments as the character Eddie. Note: While she only has a few tiny scenes, keep your eyes open for Linda Fiorentino.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The frame is a bit jittery and the print is a bit on the grainy side, but it’s a decent transfer overall.

Audio Track: Unspecified. How does it sound? It’s solid, but nothing to ride home about.

No extras.


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