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May The 4th Be With You!

Star Wars-The Force Awakens Blu-ray

Even though May 25th is the REAL Star Wars Day since that is when the original film was first released back in 1977, May 4th has become the official Star Wars Day. In honor of this event, I thought I’d give out some Star Wars recommendations for those who want to celebrate this geektastic day. On with the list!

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray- If for some reason you haven’t already picked this disc up, you need to head out to a store right now and do so.
  1. Rebel Force Radio- For those that listen to podcasts, you won’t find a better “Star Wars” centric show than this thanks to the personable and informative hosts Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank.
  1. Star Wars: Bloodline- The latest Leia centric Del Rey “Star Wars” novel just hit shelves yesterday. Expect a review from yours truly in the next few days.
  1. Star Wars: Shattered Empire- Of all of the new canonical “Star Wars” comic book series, this Greg Rucka scripted series is easily the best.
  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Not only is this six season series one of the best animated series of all time, it also features some of the best “Star Wars” stories of all time.

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