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Happy Table Top Day 2016!

Star Wars- X-Wing Miniatures Core Set Marvel Dice Masters- The Amazing Spider-Man Booster Pack Marvel Legendary Board Game

Seeing as how today is the fourth annual Table Top Day, I thought I’d give out some board/card game recommendations. So, without further adieu!

  1. Dice Masters- Whether you choose Marvel, DC, D&D, Yu-Gi-Oh! or the upcoming TMNT set (or all of the above), this game provides countless hours of entertainment, a plethora of strategies, and more deck combos than you will know what to do with.
  2. X-Wing Miniatures- A delightful “Star Wars” themed miniature starship dogfighting strategy game.
  3. Star Realms- An affordable and addictive sci-fi themed deck building game that has become a huge hit in the board/card community.
  4. Zombie Dice- This fun and fast paced dice game doesn’t require a lot of time and can be played in between (or before) more lengthy games.
  5. Legendary- A fantastic co-op deck-building game that allows players to mix and match different sets including Marvel, Predator, Alien, and soon Firefly.


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