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Rectify Season 1 DVD Review

Rectify Season 1 DVD

“Rectify” is all hype.

In the 6 episode first season of the Sundance Channel series, the story revolves around Daniel Holden- a man who has been imprisoned for 19 years on death row for the murder and rape of an underage girl (Hanna). After new DNA evidence is found, however, Daniel is released and reunited with his family. Upon being released, Daniel has to adjust to life back home, accept changes in the town, society, and with technology, and try to connect with his half brother and stepbrother.

Aside from the main storyline, other subplots involve witnesses to the crime, flashbacks to his time in prison, the Holden family laywer (Jon) and his relationship with Daniel’s sister Amantha, Hanna’s brother, and the law, prosecutors, and a Senator going after Daniel because he hasn’t been exonerated.

While “Rectify” is decidedly well made, I am puzzled as to why this series has garnered so much acclaim (let alone soon to be 4 seasons). The series (which certainly feels like a slow, arty indie movie) doesn’t really bring anything new to the table as it feels like a “been there, done that” prolonged small town mystery + fresh out of prison story.

Story aside, my real lack of connection with the show comes down to the main character. While Aden Young is an interesting actor, I find his creepy, quiet, weird, smart, robotic character Daniel to be an off-putting lead. Sure, the character’s culture shock, viewpoints, and family dynamics are slightly engaging, but he’s mostly a wandering weirdo.

There is one character who manages to steal the show and that is rising star Abigail Spencer who plays Daniel’s sister Amantha. Any scene with her is easily the best part of the entire show.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? This a fine transfer as the series is incredibly well shot. The Georgia locals certainly give the show character.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? A solid track.

* “Meet The Cast”- A featurette that explores the characters in the series. Interviews with the cast and crew are included.
* “Sundance On Set: Rectify”- A standard short featurette that sells the show.
* “Inside Job: Behind The Scenes”- A featurette that covers the cinematography, the wardrobe, various crew jobs, etc.
* “Inside The Episode With Ray McKinnon”- The show creator talks about the premise, the characters, the cast, the themes, etc.
* “Behind The Screen”- Yet another featurette about characters. Show clips and cast and crew interviews are also included here.
* AMC and Anchor Bay trailers.


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