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Exposed Blu-ray Review

Exposed Blu-ray

“Exposed” needs to be exposed as a bad movie.

No, “Exposed” is not a virus movie. Instead, it’s a… I don’t what genre this is. At any rate, the movie is a tale of two stories. One involves a NYC Detective (Scotty) who investigates the murder of his dirty cop partner and the other involves a young teacher (Isabel) who is either going crazy, dealing with emotional trauma, or seeing angelic beings. Of course, the two stories come together in the end, but that’s all I am going to say. There’s also two other subplots involving Rocky (Isabel’s brother-in-law) and one of Isabel’s  troubled students.

“Exposed” is a meandering, poorly plotted movie that lacks emotion (and I’m not just talking about the performance by Keanu Reeves either). The entire movie just feels like two separate movies in one and the out of left field scene transitions don’t help matters either. Yes, the stories connect in the end, but the twist ending doesn’t redeem anything that came before it. Now, granted, a lot of the flaws could be due to the troubled production, but could anything actually save this film? I doubt it.

There is one entertaining moment in this movie and that is some severely bad overacting by Keanu Reeves by himself in a car. I won’t ruin the moment, but it should become a meme because it’s hilarious.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? Bland cinematography style aside, the transfer is fine.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A bit on the flat side.


* Lionsgate trailers and an “Exposed” trailer.
* Individual interviews with Keanu Reeves, Mira Sorvino, Ana De Armas, Chris McDonald, Michael Rispoli and Big Daddy Kane.
* “Making Exposed” contains film clips, interviews, plot discussions, etc.

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