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Top 10 Football Movies

Horse FeathersBrian's SongRudy

With Super Bowl 50 ads and conversations being everywhere as of late, American football is clearly on the mind of many folks. Being the film buff that I am, I started thinking about football movies and how a top 10 list would be appropriate on the eve of “The Big Game.” So, that’s what I wrote! While I’m sure some readers will be saying what about so and so, keep in mind this is entirely my opinion. Anyway, enough of my yammering, on with the list!

  1. Horse Feathers- What’s better than watching football? Watching the Marx Brothers play football. Madcap comedy at its finest.
  1. The Freshman (1925)- This Harold Lloyd starring vehicle is easily one of the best silent comedies of all time.
  1. Rudy- Inspirational, heartfelt, emotional- “Rudy” is all of these things and so much more. The quintessential football movie.
  1. Big Fan- A highly underrated movie about fanaticism. Patton Oswalt is incredible as the lead character Paul.
  1. Brian’s Song (1971)- This TV movie about the friendship between teammates is the ultimate tearjerker.
  1. Friday Night Lights- When it comes to FNL, people tend to talk about the acclaimed TV series. However, many seem to forget that the 2004 movie that inspired the series was quite good as well.
  1. Jerry Maguire- An endlessly quotable romance/drama/comedy/sports movie courtesy of writer/director Cameron Crowe.
  1. The Longest Yard- The 2005 version with Adam Sandler has its fans, but the original is where it’s at. Burt Reynolds is at his best here.
  1. Lucas- A sweet 80’s high school movie with a crucial football plot wedged in. One of Corey Haim’s best performances.
  1. Little Giants- In the 90’s, there was a wave of family friendly children’s sports movies that included beloved titles such as “The Sandlot” and “The Mighty Ducks.” “Little Giants” may not be on the same level as those two, but it still has a lot of heart and charm.

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