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Uncaged DVD Review

Uncaged DVD

“Uncaged” feels like a bad student film.

After a brief flashback to 2003, “Uncaged” jumps forward in time to a teen (Jack) celebrating his 18th birthday. Shortly thereafter, Jack gets an invite to spend time at his uncle’s cabin during winter break. Jack decides to go and he brings his perverted friend (Turner) and irritating cousin (Brandon) along with him.

While at the cabin, Jack begins to suffer strange bouts of sleepwalking (or so he thinks). After strapping on a GoPro camera one night, he realizes that there’s something far more sinister going on than mere sleepwalking as he discovers that he transforms into a werewolf. From there on out, things become extremely complicated for Jack. Not only are people being murdered by him, but a criminal named Gonzo has a serious grudge against him as well.

“Uncaged” is the type of low budget, no-name cast horror film that tries to coast on having werewolves. Unfortunately, not only are the werewolves not remotely scary, but their design might be the worst I’ve ever seen. They look like hairy bearded hipsters more than anything else (although maybe that scares someone out there).

The script penned by Mark Rapaport and Daniel Robbins doesn’t fare any better. It’s entirely disjointed and unfocused as it goes off on strange tangents like the Gonzo subplot. One would think the humor and action would at least be a highlight here but it isn’t. It’s frightfully dull and frightfully unfunny.

Perhaps the most puzzling thing is that it barely touches on the most interesting part of the story with Jack’s family history. Furthermore, Jack himself is barely given any characterization and he’s the main character!


Presentation: 1.85:1. How does it look? The DVD transfer is decent enough. The film at least looks technically proficient.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? It does the job.

The only extras are RLJ Entertainment trailers and a commentary featuring Daniel Robbins, Mark Rapaport, Ben Getz, Zachary Weiner and Kyle Kirkpatrick.


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