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Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth Volume 6 Graphic Novel Review

Godzilla- Rulers of Earth Volume 6 Graphic Novel

The sixth and final volume of “Godzilla: Rulers of Earth” is an intense ride.

In volume 6 (which collects issues #21-25), writer Chris Mowry ends the “Rulers of Earth” saga with a bang. Picking up where volume 5 left off, the Cyrog Emperor Karkaro has sent the Trilopod aliens to Earth to capture Kaiju and destroy the Earth. The Trilopods (which have the ability to create hybrids) stage a massive battle in L.A. against Godzilla. Things become even more chaotic when a Hive lands in L.A. With Godzilla outmatched, will he receive help through humans and or other Kaiju?

Elsewhere in the story, Lucy helps the Shobijin find King Caesar, Minette, Mallory and Battra continue to be a nuisance, and the Emperor and Commander Rhizon clash at every turn.

If you’ve followed the story this far, you should know what to expect by now. The human characters are still bland, the dialogue is somewhat clunky at times, there are too many subplots, there’s tons of Kaiju action to behold, and the entire story is essentially fan service to hardcore Kaiju fans. But so what? When a story is this fun, the shortcomings matter little. If you’re a Kaiju fan, you want to see the beloved creatures like Gorosaurus make an appearance and you want to see them fight. You get all of that in spades with this final volume. Chris Mowry and artists Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow give readers battles that are so massive that the individual panels actually limit their scope. To say the author and the artists go all out here is an understatement. They certainly reward fans who have read every issue and they clearly know the franchise inside and out. Sure, one can argue the ending is a bit rushed, but it’s still an entertaining finale to an entertaining series.

Note: The back of the graphic novel contains an art gallery and artist concept sketches.




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