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Top 10 Comic Book Movies

The Rocketeer Blu-ray Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray X-Men- First Class

Top 10 Comic Book Movies

Instead of reviewing a DVD or Blu-ray today, I thought I’d mix things up a bit and do another top 10 list. As you may have gathered over the years, I love making lists. Not only do I find it to be fun on a personal level, but it’s also a good way to keep track of films I treasure. Since comic book films/superhero films are all the rage these days, it felt like the right time to tackle that ever growing genre. Please note that these are a list of my personal favorites. No more, no less.

  1. The Rocketeer- A perfect comic book movie. It’s faithful to the source material, the cast is perfect, the score is masterful, and the film itself is just a flat-out fun-filled throwback to yesteryear. I cannot praise this film enough.
  1. X-Men: First Class- After the underwhelming “X-Men: The Last Stand” and the unwatchable “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” I wasn’t expecting much from “X-Men: First Class” so imagine my surprise when I saw it at a midnight show. From the first rate cast to the stylish retro setting, Matthew Vaughn managed to completely revitalize the franchise.
  1. Iron Man- From a story perspective, “Iron Man” is not without its flaws, but so what? The reason the franchise (and the character) is so beloved is because of Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark/Iron Man is the role he was born to play.
  1. Batman (1989)- “The Dark Knight” could easily be #4, but “Batman” changed the game. If you weren’t there in 1989 the film likely won’t mean as much to you, but if you were, you know how special the viewing experience was.
  1. The Dark Knight- With TDK, Christopher Nolan showed the world a superhero film could be something more than a fun time at the movies as he explored real world issues through his art.
  1. X-Men- While many folks prefer “X2” (which I also really enjoy), I have a soft spot for the film that started it all. Not only it did it prove to be hugely influential in the rise of the comic book film, but it was also an ideal model of how to do one right. Sure, it didn’t please everyone, but Bryan Singer and company did right by everyone by treating the comic material with the utmost respect.
  1. The Incredible Hulk- When it comes to the Marvel Universe, this film does not get nearly enough love. While Hulk himself may have been better in “The Avengers,” this is a highly entertaining film loaded with clever easter eggs, action, and touching character moments.
  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)- Sure, there are better comic films, but as someone who grew up on TMNT in the 80’s, this film holds a special place in my heart. Turtle Power for life.
  1. Superman 2- The ambitious and accomplished “Superman” could just as easily be #9, but the sequel has a bit of an edge due to Terence Stamp’s amazing turn as General Zod.
  1. Guardians of the Galaxy- I’ve always believed that great characters can go a long way and GOTG is proof of that. Who doesn’t love Groot, Star Lord, Rocket, Drax, and Gamora?

Other Favorites (in no order): “Blue Is The Warmest Color,” “A History of Violence,” “Blade,” “The Avengers,” “TMNT,” “Deadpool,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army,” “The Mask” (1994), “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm,” “Snowpiercer,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” “Superman,” “Big Hero 6,” “V For Vendetta,” “X2,” and “American Splendor.”

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