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Deathgasm Blu-ray Review

Deathgasm Blu-ray

“Deathgasm” is a treat for horror fans.

“Deathgasm” revolves around a high school metal head (Brodie) who connects with a fellow metal fan/troublemaker (Zakk). As the two bond and form their own metal band, they come across a piece of sheet music that is given to them by one of their metal musician idols. What they don’t realize is that by playing the music bad things are bound to happen. As you can guess, the music is played and all hell breaks loose. Now, Brodie, Zakk, Dion, Giles, and Brodie’s crush Medina must band together to fight an evil demon, possessed people, and an evil cult.

Although it bears a striking resemblance to “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil,” New Zealand writer/director Jason Lei Howden’s horror-comedy is very much a throwback to the likes of Peter Jackson’s early work and “Evil Dead.” It’s a fun romp filled with clever humor, gore, well written characters, a killer soundtrack, and plenty of impressive practical FX.

What I really liked most about “Deathgasm” is that it’s the type of film you can tell is made by a horror fan and that’s what the genre needs more of. It’s become abundantly clear over the past decade that the best horror films generally aren’t coming from the studios but from the indie market. The indie filmmakers know how to take risks and give fans what they are seeking and “Deathgasm” does that in spades.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? For a low budget indie film, this is supremely well shot. The hi-def transfer does not disappoint.

Audio Tracks: 5.1 DTS-HD MA and 2.0 Lossless. How do they sound? From the soundtrack to the dialogue, this track is sharp.

* “Deathgasm” teaser and trailer.
* A Bulletbelt music video.
* Dark Sky Films trailers.
* An interview with Jason Lei Howden where he talks about the personal elements of the story, a contest, the production, the cast and more. A fun extra.
* “Brotherhood of Steel: The Cast of Deathgasm”- Interviews with cast members who talk about their respective characters.
* “Gorgasm: The FX of Deathgasm”- A featurette about the FX.
* A passionate solo commentary by Jason Lei Howden.

Overall Thoughts: For the horror fans that have grown tired of the constant remakes and the soulless theatrical fare as of late, “Deathgasm” is for you.

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