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Final Girl DVD Review

Final Girl DVD

“Final Girl” is a thriller without thrills.

“Final Girl” (not to be confused with the forthcoming “The Final Girls”) begins with a man (William) speaking to a young child named Veronica who just lost her parents. William talks about wanting to train her and Veronica agrees. The story jumps ahead 12 years where we see William prepping Veronica for a mission to take out 4 sadistic young murderous guys (Danny, Shane, Jameson, and Nelson) who prey upon young women in the woods. As one final test, Victoria sets herself up to be the target of these psychopaths, but as you can guess, she becomes the one who is hunting them.

If “Final Girl” girl looks and sounds familiar, that’s because it plays like a cross between films and shows such as “The Most Dangerous Game,” “Hanna,” and the “Masters of Horror” episode “Incident On And Off A Mountain Road.” There’s nothing remotely original about the film, but that’s not even the biggest problem here. The biggest problem is that it’s dull. Instead of being a bad-ass female empowerment story, it’s a tedious thriller without thrills. You know from the get-go what will happen and, as a result, there’s no tension or surprises. There’s not even a plot twist!

Story aside, the film does have a few strong suits. Abigail Breslin (best known for “Little Miss Sunshine”) and Wes Bentley (“American Beauty”) shine in their roles, but it’s a shame their characters are a bit too vague and underdeveloped.

Another highlight here is the striking visual style of Director Tyler Shields. In seeing the images displayed on screen, it’s no wonder that he’s a noted photographer. It’s just a shame that there is more style than substance with his feature film work here.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? This is a supremely well shot so it should come as no surprise that the transfer is top notch.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? An all around solid track.

Extras include a postcard sized photograph, 2 “Final Girl” trailers, outtakes featuring actor Logan Huffman, 2 photo galleries (one with with commentary by Tyler Shields), and a making of featurette that contains the usual film clips, interviews, and character and story discussions.

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