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People Places Things DVD Review

People Places Things DVD

Jemaine Clement shines in the adult drama-comedy “People Places Things.”

A year after his unhappy girlfriend (Charlie) ditches him for another man; Will is struggling to move on with his life. He’s trying to juggle his teaching duties, being a father to twin daughters, crafting a new graphic novel, and possibly developing a new relationship with the mother (Diane) of one of his student (Kat), but he’s confused and his ex-girlfriend’s indecisiveness isn’t helping matters. Can Will figure out what he wants in life?

Despite being justifiably well received, “People Places Things” is one of those charming indie films that fly under the radar. Sure, it’s predictable and not exactly mainstream fare, but it’s sincere and, above all, focused on character. At a time when films are largely designed to be big and loud, it’s nice to get away from that for a little bit and see am adult story about life’s complexities and dramas that I think many viewers will connect with.

As engaging as the work of writer/director James C. Strouse is, however, it is actor Jemaine Clement who sells the story and character of Will. Clement (who is probably best known for “Flight of the Conchords”) gives a stellar performance as a seemingly lost and confused father. Alongside his performance in the grossly underrated “Gentlemen Broncos,” this is easily his best and most convincing performance to date.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Simply put, this is a quality transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 Surround. How does it sound? The music and dialogue are crisp and clear.

Extras: Alchemy trailers.

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