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Brother’s Keeper Is Now Available On DVD And Blu-Ray

Brother's Keeper DVD

Not to be confused with the award-winning 1992 documentary of the same name, “Brother’s Keeper” is a faith-based drama set in the 1950’s. The story revolves around identical twins (Pete and Andy) who are complete opposites. Pete is a goody two-shoes who plans to become a Preacher while Andy is a lost rebellious greaser screw-up. Alas, Pete’s good fortune and plans are destroyed when he becomes framed for murder and locked away in jail. What will become of these two brothers? That would be telling.

It’s no secret that the faith-based film genre has been gaining traction lately as evidenced by the chart topping “War Room” that is currently in theaters. So it should be no surprise that more and more faith-based films have been popping up on home video. While most tend to be family friendly films with positive messages, “Brother’s Keeper” is a bit different. Yes, the flm really pushes home positive/important messages of forgiveness, redemption, family, and loss, but the story is darker than the usual faith-based fare. The movie has a strong PG-13 rating due to the scenes containing murder and violence. As a result of this rating, the film is not exactly family friendly and may indeed put off some viewers.

As for the film itself, it’s about what you’d expect. The faith based film genre has never been known for greatness and “Brother’s Keeper” is further proof of this. The dialogue is generally poorly written and there is some suspect acting throughout (especially by the two leads). Luckily, legendary actors Michael Rooker and Ray Wise class up the film a bit by giving notable performances here.

Presentation: Widescreen                    Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1

The only extras are Millennium Entertainment/Alchemy trailers.

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