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Doctor Who: Big Bang Generation Book Review

Doctor Who- Big Bang Generation Book

“Big Bang Generation” is a sloppy “Doctor Who” novel.

No, the “Big Bang Generation” is not about people growing up on “The Big Bang Theory” sitcom. Instead, it’s a novel penned by “Doctor Who” veteran Gary Russell.

The story of his latest work is, well, convoluted to say the least. To summarize the plot would be giving away too much, but readers (and DW fans) can expect the story to involve the Doctor, an alien friend of the Doctor (Keri Pakhar), mysterious postcards from someone, a conman (Cyrrus Globb), an assassin (Kik the Assassin), a glamour stone, Sydney, Australia, a Professor (Jaanson), a pyramid, the future, a time portal, and aliens known as the Ancients of the Universe. Oh, and since Mr. Russell let the cat out of the bag, Bernice Summerfield (and her team/family) do indeed make a sizable appearance in this. How do all of these things tie together? You’ll just have to see for yourself.

From the first few pages, it’s clear Russell was out to make an ambitious “Doctor Who” story filled with time travel, numerous characters, adventure, great peril, multiple locations, and even the surprise inclusion of a fan favorite character (Bernice Summerfield). Unfortunately, Russell seemed a bit too ambitious here as the novel is chaotic (even if that was partially intentional).

While I’m all for a story being eventful, there’s simply too much going on here. First and foremost, the story is a murky and confusing mess. While it gradually comes together and becomes more “logical,” it’s certainly not worth the hassle. By the time the last 30 or so pages arrive, you might not even care how it all wraps up. The biggest issue, however, is that there are far too many characters. The 12th Doctor pretty much takes a backseat here as Russell stuffs in supporting characters who tend to engage in pointless side conversations (and or crack lame jokes). Not only do these moments distract from the main story, but they feel like material that could have easily been edited.

As for the much anticipated Twelfth Doctor and Bernice Summerfield meeting, their scenes together are some of the very few highlights. Although a couple of their interactions could have been truncated, their banter proved to be entertaining overall. It certainly beats anything between the Doctor and Clara (who is refreshingly absent for this book).

Overall Thoughts: Pick up “Deep Time” instead.

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