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Two Days, One Night Blu-ray Review

Two Days, 1 Night Blu-ray Review

Marion Cotillard delivers an incredible performance in “Two Days, One Night.”

The story: A mother/wife (Sandra) discovers that the employees of her factory job have been given a choice- either Sandra is laid off and they all get bonuses or Sandra keeps her job and no one receives a bonus. With the help of her supportive husband Manu, Sandra bravely contacts each of her colleagues before the matter is voted upon. Desperate and trying not relapse into a depression, Sandra fights to keep the job she needs for her family to stay afloat. Unfortunately, she encounters resistant workers and unwittingly begins to create drama amongst her co-workers’ lives.

“Two Days, One Night” is by no means a perfect movie. The script is intentionally repetitive (which may bore some viewers), there are questionable story moments, and the character of Sandra doubts herself and her efforts too many times. With all of that said, this is still a riveting film about hope, the working class, human kindness, human fragility, greed, and survival. Above all else, however, it’s just a great character study.

From the get go, you empathize with Sandra in her journey in trying to persuade her co-workers for her to keep her job. You want her to succeed as you feel the impact of the situation that she is going through. You also feel how heartbreaking, stressful, and demoralizing it is for her to confront her friends and colleagues about it. Of course, this is largely due to Mation Cotillard’s powerful performance. I know I have said this in the past, but Cotillard continues to impress with each performance. She’s an incredibly diverse actress who can seemingly take on any role. Every performance from her feels brand new which is an extreme rarity in the movie biz.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? This Blu-ray disc contains a crisp hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: French 5.1 DTS-HD. How does it sound? There’s not a whole lot going on here soundwise, but the DTS track does the job. Note: The white subtitles blend into the picture a bit too much for my taste. Yellow subtitles really do tend to work better.

* A booklet featuring an essay by Girish Shambu.
* “2 Days, 1 Night” trailer.
* Interviews with director Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.
* Interviews with Marion Cotillard and Fabrizio Rongione who plaued Sandra and Manu.
* “On Location”- The directors return to a few shooting locations and talk about their experiences shooting there.
* “When Leon M.’s Boat Went Down The Meuse For The First Time”- A low budget B&W documentary short about a man (Leon Masy), a strike in Belgium and working class citizens. An interesting slice of history.
* “The Dardennes On Leon M.’s Boat”- An interview with Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne about the above documentary short.
* “To Be An I”- A video essay with film critic Kent Jones exploring the ideas presented in “Two Days, One Night” and the two directors’ previous works.

Overall Thoughts: Truth be told, “Two Days, One Night” is worth seeing just for Mation Cotillard.

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