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Knifed Up DVD Review

Knifed Up DVD

“Knifed Up” is a short, but important documentary special.

“Knifed Up” (AKA “Knifed Up: The Evolution of Cosmetic Surgery”) is a 45 minute documentary about cosmetic surgery in the African American community. Despite the short length, the Todd l directed film covers a lot of ground as it explores cosmetic surgery’s connection to vanity, self-esteem issues, societal pressures, body shaming, a hip hop influence, idealic bodies presented in the media, insecurities, a lack of body or age acceptance, psychogolical issues, and, yes, even the photoshop factor. The film is comprised of photos, archival videos (mainly of celebs), and interviews with cosmetic surgeons, Doctors, TV/radio personalities, a life coach, trainers, a blogger, and an exotic dancer.

While a lot of the material covered here about body enhancements is common knowledge in today’s society, “Knifed Up” is still a topical, educational, and relevant documentary film. It’s interesting to note that the film doesn’t take one side or the other and instead looks at the positive and negative aspects cosmetic surgery. The film reminds viewers that cosmetic surgery is a choice and that it can help people feel better about themselves. Of course, it’s also critical for people to know that there are serious medical risks (ESPECIALLY on the black market) and that people can run the risk of running their appearance entirely (as evidenced by celebrities such as Lil’ Kim and Michael Jackson). Obviously, there’s a lot to be said on the topic and the film does an admirable job doing so. With that all of said, however, I could have done without some of the less serious talking head moments that felt like an episode of the comedic “Best Week Ever.” It was entirely out of place.


Presentation: Widescreen. Grade: B

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. Grade: B

Extras include extended interviews with Dr. Andrew Jimerson, Aziza Jimerson, Ebony Steele, Charlotte Scott, Dr. Kanika Bell and a class discussion piece.


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