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Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle DVD Review

Power Rangers Super Megaforce- The Legendary Battle DVD

“Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle” is mega disappointing.

While technically the final episode of “Power Rangers Super Megaforce,” “The Legendary Battle” has been given a special 55 minute extended cut movie release here on DVD. The story of “The Legendary Battle” picks up where the previous episode left off. The Megaforce Rangers (Emma, Troy, Gia, Noah, Jake, and Orion the alien) have defeated the alien invaders (Armada) and Orion is set to return to his homeworld. However, the Armada invasion of Earth is NOT over yet. The evil Emperor Mavro is planning a new attack that is even more powerful than the last. Even though the Rangers are outnumbered, the Megaforce Rangers stand their ground and even get help from some former Rangers (including fan favorite Tommy).

Way back in the 90’s, I grew up on the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” While I have maintained a nostalgic fondness for that original series, I never followed the other series too closely. With “The Legendary Battle,” I was intrigued by the idea of an epic battle that brought together hordes of Power Rangers from past and present. Unfortunately, that enticing premise is completely wasted here.

For those expecting an all out fight with Power Rangers vs. Armada, you are in for a real letdown. That scene lasts a mere couple minutes and it barely shows any of the past Rangers. How or why that sequence wasn’t longer I will never know. Given how much action is already in this episode, it would have been completely logical to have (at the very least) a 10 minute brawl between Rangers and Armada forces. The ball was certainly dropped in that department.

In terms of the action, I may sound like an old man here, but “The Legendary Battle” is overloaded with action and destruction. I would have been ok with that if it involved the legions of Rangers, but it doesn’t. Instead, the Megaforce Rangers and Megazords just cycle through seemingly endless modes, abilities, attacks, powers, and weapons. The Rangers seem to have a reaction for everything which limits the danger and drama. It also cuts into any characterization (of which there is very little here).

As for the Ranger cameos, they are minuscule at best. It should come as no surprise that Jason David Frank has the most screentime of the cameo appearances. He is, after all, a Power Rangers legend.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? One thing is for certain, the production values have certainly gone up over the years for “Power Rangers” and it shows in this DVD transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? To say this is an active track is an understatement. The music, dialogue, sound f/x, and explosions are LOUD.

Extras include a digital copy, Lionsgate trailers, and a 10 minute featurette titled “Power Rangers: A Legacy” which contains interviews with cast members from past and present, episode clips, discussions about fans and the shows,

Overall Thoughts: “The Legendary Battle” is a bloated assault on the senses that fails to capitalize on the ‘legendary’ aspect. Stick with MMPR, folks.


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