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RiffTrax Shorts! Shorts Assemble! DVD Review

RiffTrax Shorts- Shorts Assemble! DVD

“RiffTrax Shorts! Shorts Assemble!” will have you rolling with laughter.

After a lengthy DVD-less hiatus, the folks at RiffTrax have at long last released a new disc titled “RiffTrax Shorts! Shorts Assemble!” Throughout the two hour runtime, fans will be able to watch a whopping 10 shorts. What all is on this one, you ask? Read on for further details.

First up on the disc is “Corky The Crow.” In this short, a teacher narrates a story about crows and a farmer and his kids. It’s meant to be one of those classroom discussion shorts, but obviously, it doesn’t hold up. Luckily, Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy bring the laughs (especially with their baby crow jokes).

Following ‘Corky’ is a piece about behavior in the classroom called “Maintaining Classroom Discipline.” The short is perfect riffing material and the trio have no problem making amusing quips regarding the jerk teacher. The highlight here is Murphy’s crazy outburst (you’ll know it when you hear it).

“Perc! Pop! Sprinkle!” may very well be the worst short film in history, but it may also be one of RiffTrax’s funniest shorts of all time. This bizarro short finds¬† students doing interpretive movements to objects such as a sprinkler. It’s every bit as weird, baffling, and ridiculous as it sounds.

“Live and Learn” is a safety short about various accidents involving children. It’s worth watching just for the uproarious pillow joke and the reaction to possibly the worst on-screen dummy.

“Safety With Animals” is an unintentionally ironic short about what the title suggests. What’s unnerving is that the child featured in the short is constantly being put in harm’s way. Naturally, the jokes about the blatant child endangerment are the best part.

“The Clean Club” is a frightening short about cleanliness that partially contains stop motion animation for gross looking germs and other inanimate objects that spring to life. Truth be told, the riffs kind of fade into the background on this one because the short is so surreal and weird. You can’t look away from it.

“What Makes Things Float?” is a narrated educational short about two kids learning about the science of floating. The RiffTrax trio make this short funnier than it ever should be.

Mike, Bill, and Kevin make the self-explanatory “Nutrition” a laugh riot thanks to their bits about everything from Jamie Lee Curtis to Pinterest. The real crown jewel is Kevin’s glorious song though.

“Story-Telling: Can You Tell It In Order?” is a horrifying short about a scary clown trying to teach viewers about the order of stories. As one might expect, there are many clown jokes here and they are easily the most amusing parts.

Last, but not least is the nightmarish “The Toymaker” which involves a toymaker and his two puppets. From the moment Mike utters “Now what the hell?,” you know this short was tailor made for RiffTrax.


As with any RiffTrax shorts release, the video quality is hit-and-miss. Given the age of most of these shorts, it’s not surprising to see shorts in poor shape. However, as we all know, the quality is rather irrelevant as long as you can see it. It’s the riffs that matter here.

Speaking of the audio (specifically the Dolby Digital audio track), the riffs by Mike, Bill, and Kevin are, as always, well recorded. The audio of the shorts is a different story, but again, you really only need to at least hear the dialogue (which you can).

No extras have been included.

Overall Thoughts: All you need to do is go to http://www.rifftrax.com/shorts-assemble and purchase this DVD. It’s that simple.

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