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Earthflight Blu-ray Review

Earthflight Blu-ray

“Earthflight” is a dazzling nature documentary series.

Expertly narrated by actor David Tennant (best known from “Doctor Who” and “Broadchurch”), “Earthflight” is a recent BBC nature documentary series that explores the world of birds. Over the course of 6 hour long episodes, viewers will take a global trip that spans North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. Through these locations, we follow mini stories involving Snow Geese, Pelicans, Egrets, Bald Eagles, California Gulls, Cape Gannets, African Fish Eagles, Flamingos, Kelp Gulls, Vultures, White Storks, Cranes, Sand Martins, various Swallows, Condors, Hummingbirds, Swifts, Pigeons, Rainbow Lorikeets, and Cockatoos. Viewers will not only get to see the birds in their environments, but they will also be able to see them hunting or scavenging for food, migrating, spending time with family, avoiding dangers, nest building, and, yes, even dancing.

The series concludes with a special titled “Flying High” which reveals the techniques used to capture the extraordinary footage (ie paragliders, drones, birds rigged with cameras, and helicopters).

As cheesy as the pun may be, “Earthflight” offers a literal bird’s eye view of the world. While that may sound like little more than a gimmick, the results are astonishingly beautiful.

From start to finish, this documentary series is a veritable visual feast. How can one not be amazed by the collection of one of a kind POVs, the overall sensation of flying, the jaw dropping imagery of seeing Snow Geese flying by the Statue of Liberty as if you were right there with them? The hyper real series almost doesn’t look real at times because you won’t be able to believe what you are seeing. In this day and age when you feel like you’ve seen everything, that’s high praise indeed.

Speaking of the technical marvels, I particularly enjoyed the “Flying High” episode where you get to see how certain footage was shot. It provides a real exciting behind-the-scenes glimpse of the awe inspiring imagery that graces the screen.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? I can’t imagine watching this series on anything other than Blu-ray. This is the type of program that was made for hi-def.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The narration and sounds of nature sound superb even with a mere 2.0 track.

The only extras are trailers for other BBC titles.

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