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Welcome To Me Blu-ray Review

Welcome To Me Blu-ray

Kristen Wiig carries the highly uneven “Welcome To Me.”

In “Welcome to Me,” the story centers around a woman (Alice Krieg) diagnosed with borderline personality disorder who miraculously wins the lottery. With her winnings, Alice decides to fund her own TV show in which she would only talk about herself. Through the show, Alice not only begins to learn more about herself, but also what is most important in her life.

As a character study, “Welcome to Me” is an interesting and sometimes heartfelt exploration of a mentally ill woman who makes her dreams come true. Through her TV series, she is able to air out her issues and traumas in life while also trying to work through them in real life. As a comedy, however, “Welcome to Me” fails completely. Had the film not been billed or written as a comedy, it might have worked. As is, the story makes light of the character’s disability which makes it feel uncomfortable (even if that’s the point). Add in the story’s implausibility and the fact that you just want this poor woman to get the help she needs and you can’t help but feel like the “comedy” is in poor taste.

On the plus side, actress Kristen Wiig deserves to be applauded once again for another brave performance. Many actors and actresses in Hollywood never take any risks, but Wiig refreshingly never seems to go for the safe roles (as evidenced by films like this and the recent “Hateship Loveship”). She’s constantly taking on bold parts and it’s always fascinating to watch even if the movies don’t always work.

Of course, the supporting cast deserves credit here too as Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joan Cusack, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Alan Tudyk, and Wes Bentley each put in fine work here.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The Blu-ray disc contains a crisp hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? I have no complaints here. The TrueHD track does the job

The only extras here are Alchemy trailers and an 8 minute featurette which contains film clips, cast and crew interviews, and discussions about the characters and story.

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