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Extreme Bears DVD Review

Extreme Bears DVD

“Extreme Bears” offers up interesting BBC Earth specials.

Unlike many nature discs out there, “Extreme Bears” contains not one or two, but three BBC Earth specials! The first entry in this set is the 2 episode “Great Bear Stakeout.” Billy Connolly perfectly narrates this special about a documentary crew, bear experts, and guides venturing to Alaska to observe Grizzly Bears.Viewers get to see a mother and cub, a giant male bear and his female partner, and a truly heartbreaking story involving a starving mother trying to get food for her 3 cubs.

What really makes this documentary so special is that it’s not simply another narrated nature docu about bears. The crew is much more involved here and they often get dangerously close to the animals. You won’t believe how much they put themselves at risk in order to film scenes. Crew aside, it’s simply fascinating to see the bears in their element. Whether they are loading up on fish at a Salmon Run or playing, there’s no shortage of insight into the world of bears here.

Next up is the weak link in the set “Polar Bear Battlefield” (which part of the “BBC Animal Battlefield” series). Sanjeev Bhaskar narrates this cheesy, overly dramatic nature program that focuses on a mother polar bear and her cub as they search for food, struggle to survive, and adjust to weather/seasonal changes. The Polar Bear content itself is engrossing, but it’s ruined by lousy CGI, fast cut edits, and needless techno music. It’s a poorly produced program to say the least.

Last, but not least is “Bears: Spy In The Woods” (which is narrated by David Attenborough). Much like “Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice,” this is another lighthearted special with various goofy camouflaged spy cameras trying to capture rare footage of different types of bears such as Pandas, Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, Black Bears, and Spectacled Bears. It’s worth watching if for no other reason than to see footage that you will likely never see anywhere else.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The programs look picturesque as always. The downside is that they aren’t on Blu-ray too.

Audio Track: Unspecified Dolby Digital Track. How does it sound? The narration, music, dialogue, and nature sounds are crisp and clear.

Extras include trailers for “Walking With Dinosaurs,” “Penguins: Spy In The Huddle,” and “Earthflight.”

Overall Thoughts: “Polar Bear Battlefield” aside, “Extreme Bears” is a solid DVD set. Give it a rent.

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