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Lovesick DVD Review

Lovesick DVD


The plot: Charlie has everything in life, but love. From his own descriptions, he makes it sound as if he has been heartbroken multiple times in the past, but is that really the case? Enter Molly- a cover band singer/dancer whose nephew goes to the school Charlie is a Principal at. She immediately takes a liking to Charlie and starts to fall for him, but begins to see something is a bit off about Charlie. Is Charlie jealous, paranoid, mentally unstable, or all of the above?

Matt LeBlanc may have found success on television with “Friends” and more recently “Episodes,” but his big screen outings have always landed with a thud. “Lovesick” is no different. On paper, “Lovesick” could have been amusing rom-com about a mental illness causing a man to sabotage his own relationships, but writer Dean Young forgot one thing- humor. From start to finish, “Lovesick” is a one joke movie that merely makes light of Charlie’s psychological condition. If the movie was clever or funny, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but the movie is frightfully unfunny and tiresome which makes the film project feel like it’s in poor taste.

As for the cast, Matt LeBlanc is, well, Matt LeBlanc. He brings the character of Charlie to life, but he forgot to make him likable. Even though the character has a condition he’s still annoying most likely due to the fact that LeBlanc doesn’t seem to care about this movie one iota. If there was ever a performance that screams “Paycheck role,” this is it. On the plus side, Ali Larter is entirely charming as Charlie’s love interest Molly. She’s the only saving grace here because you can tell she gave this performance her all.


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? The cinematography looks solid and, as a result, so does the transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? Satisfactory.

The only extras are Anchor Bay/Gravitas Ventures trailers.

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