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San Andreas: The Next Megaquake DVD Review

San Andreas- The Next Megaquake DVD

“San Andreas: The Next Megaquake” is an interesting, but hardly revelatory documentary special.

With the blockbuster Hollywood film “San Andreas” due in theaters tomorrow; BBC has released a similarly titled film that is NOT a disaster film. Instead, “San Andreas: The Next Megaquake” is a 50 minute documentary special.

Since the titular catastrophe has yet to happen (in our lifetime at least), “San Andreas: The Next Megaquake” is an entirely hypothetical documentary that examines the Cascadia subduction zone, a megathrust earthquake in this region, tsunamis that could occur, past evidence of major earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, and the damages that could occur from such an event.

Despite the doom and gloom nature of the documentary, it is an educational piece about what would happen if a megathrust hit the west coast. Of course, no one knows when this much talked about earthquake will happen and how much damage it will really do, but it’s still an important topic that should be discussed. Granted, there may not be a ton of new information provided here, but it’s good to keep people informed nonetheless.

Note: I reviewed a screener copy so I can’t comment on the picture and audio quality.

Extras include BBC trailers and a bonus BBC special titled “Earthquake Storms” about the titular catastrophe forecasted to hit Istanbul in the future.

Overall Thoughts: Don’t be fooled by the title, folks! This is a documentary about a potential earthquake and not a big budget disaster film. That said, if you are interested, it’s worth a watch.

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