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Manny DVD Review

Manny DVD

“Manny” is a solid documentary on the global superstar.

With the much anticipated Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather boxing match fast approaching, Anchor Bay has conveniently released a new Liam Neeson narrated documentary titled “Manny.”

While the film obviously covers Pac Man’s rise to fame and his grand achievements in the ring, viewers also get to learn about sides of the soft spoken Filipino fighter they might not know about including Manny’s poverty stricken childhood in the Philippines, political career, family, religious devotion, business associates, his music and acting gigs, etc.

If you think “Manny” is merely a puff piece, however, that’s not the case. The film doesn’t shy away from the low points in his career including his losses (including the brutal loss to Juan Manuel Marquez) as well as his inflated ego and shameful infidelity.

At first glance, “Manny” seems like little more than a cash-in on one of the greatest fighters of all time. While that thought may still ring true, directors Leon Gast and Ryan Moore have still managed to create to an inspirational story that offers some insight into Pacquiao’s life. Now, granted, “Manny” could have dug a little deeper at times as the 88 minute runtime often feels like a cliff notes version of the Filipino’s life, but there’s still a remarkable story here about one man’s dreams, perseverance, and determination.

For boxing fans, they will have the pleasure of not only seeing how Manny evolved as a fighter (thanks to the extensive collection of fight footage here), but also learn about behind-the-scenes details on the boxing business itself.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? From the archival fight footage to the newly shot interviews, this is a sharp looking docu.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? The interviews, music, and telecast audio is as crisp as can be.

* A Manny music video (which contains a song played over footage of him training and fighting).
* “Manny’s Birthday Party”- 3 minutes of footage from his party.
* “Manny Vs. Mosley” and “Top Rank Gym”- Both extras feel like deleted footage from the film.

Overall Thoughts: There’s bound to be something in “Manny” to entertain or move you. Check it out.

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