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The Book Of Negroes Is Now Available On DVD

The Book of Negroes DVD

The acclaimed 6 episode mini-series that aired on BET and CBC has come to home video courtesy of Entertainment One. 

For those that are unaware, “The Book of Negroes” is a powerful and gut-wrenching series about hope, determination, family, love, freedom, and bravery. The story (which is based on the novel by Lawrence Hill) traces the life of a young woman (Aminata Diallo) who was kidnapped from her home in Africa and sold into slavery in South Carolina. While working on an indigo plantation, Aminata manages to find some happiness in this dark period of time as she becomes married to another slave (Chekura) and has a child with him. Her happiness is short lived, however, when her child is sold and she becomes separated from her husband. From there on out, Aminata seeks to end slavery, fight for freedom, return home, and, above all, reunite with her family.

Note: Although the story is fictional, the plot does include real historical events that took place.

Presentation: 1.78:1

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1


* Entertainment One trailers.
* Three featurettes titled “Amistad,” “Black Loyalists Society,” and “Lawrence On Set.”
* 31 minutes of deleted scenes.
* Interviews with Aaujanue Ellis, Lyriq Bent, Louis Gossett Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr., Sandra Caldwell, Greg Bryk, Amy Louise Wilson, Allan Hawco, Ben Chaplin and Shailyn Pierre-Dixon.
* A 24 minute conversation with author Lawrence Hill. The DVD set also contains a booklet that features an essay by Lawrence Hill as well.

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