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Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean DVD Review

Mr. Bean- The Whole Bean DVD


“Mr. Bean” is one of the best TV comedies of all time.If you’re never watched the “Mr. Bean” TV series before, now is the time to correct this oversight as Shout! Factory has released all 14 episodes in a DVD set. For those that are unfamiliar with the show, the series revolves around the eccentric (and generally wordless) Mr. Bean as he embarks on a series of mini adventures. Whether he’s going to a department store, a pool, a hairdresser, the dentist, a hotel, the park, having an outing with his girlfriend, or even attending Church, Mr. Bean always seems to get himself into problematic situations.

While many people proclaim “Blackadder” to be actor/comedian Rowan Atkinson’s finest work, I’ve always been partial to “Mr. Bean” myself. Not only does the show harken back to hilarious silent comedy classics, but Rowan Atkinson’s performance as the titular character is quite simply a masterclass of physical humor. From his ultra expressive facial reactions to his quirky movements, Atkinson makes this oddball character come to life before your very eyes.

As for the episodes themselves, they are equally deserving of praise. The plots are always deceptively simple, but the way the humor and or situations escalate is often pitch perfect. How can you not crack up at Mr. Bean wearing a turkey on his head or seeing him bring his stuffed bear Teddy to a dog show?

Note: “The Whole Bean” title is a little misleading. The two films, commercials, and comic relief bits are not included here.



Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? Having watched the old VHS tape releases, this new remaster is quite impressive. Cleaned up colors, prints.

Audio Track: Unspecified Stereo Track. How does it sound? The music, laugh track and the dialogue sound fine here.

* A trailer for “Mr. Bean: The Animated Series.”
* The 72 minute “The Best Bits Of Mr. Bean.”
* 2 TV sketches titled “Bus Stop” and “Library.”
* “The Story of Mr. Bean”- Rowan Atkinson and others talk about the origins of “Mr. Bean,” the Mr. Bean character, Rowan Atkinson’s comedic stylings, inspirations, sketches, the first Bean movie,
* 4 funny missing scenes titled “Turkey Weight,” “Armchair Sale,” “Marching,” and “Playing With Matches.”

Overall Thoughts: “Mr. Bean” is essential for comedy fans.


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