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Devil’s Deal DVD Review

Devil's Deal DVD

No deal.

“Devil’s Deal” is an incoherent mess of a movie about a Devil esque man (The Merchant), his killer bandaged assistant (who is “plastered” on the cover), souls, a changed Priest, a past deal (as the title suggests), possessed townspeople, and a town (Burning Bush) that is going to hell. How does all of this play together? Your guess is as good as mine.

Even though the film admirably keeps the fading western genre alive, there’s little to admire about “Devil’s Deal” aside from the sets, location shooting, and a few of the costumes. Other than those elements, the film is an excruciatingly LONG 101 minute no name, low budget, western-horror indie film.

Now, I’m not one to pick on the shortcomings of low budget films, but when you can’t have proper ADR, convincing sound f/x, or actors who can actually speak their laughable lines correctly, it’s a real problem. Add in the wooden characters that you won’t care a thing about (except for maybe the comically over-the-top Merchant character who looks like Danny McBride but sounds like a cross between Metallica singer James Hetfield and Christian Bale’s Batman) and you know you’re in for a painful viewing experience.


Audio Track: 1.78:1. How does it look?  Bradley Hardin’s cinematography resembles that of a bad student film.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? Aside from having the worst ADR known to man, the track does the job.

The only extras include Lionsgate trailers, a “Devil’s Deal” trailer, an Ultraviolet digital copy, nearly 3 minutes of outtakes, and a 24 minute featurette titled “Behind The Scenes of Devil’s Deal” which contains cast and crew interviews, film clips, set footage and more.


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