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Hardcore Devo Live! Blu-ray Review

Hardcore Devo Live!

Longtime fans of the cult band will adore “Hardcore Devo Live!”

Filmed in 2014 at the Fox Theater in Oakland, “Hardcore Devo Live!” is first and foremost a concert film, but it’s also a documentary as interviews with the band members (among others) are spliced into the show. Of course, if you’d rather watch the show uninterrupted, viewers have the option of playing the full concert separately in the bonus feature section.

As for the songs that are played, here’s what Devo fans can expect to see on the setlist: “Mechanical Man,” “Auto Modown,” “Space Girl Blues,” “Baby Talkin’ Bitches,” “Fraulein,” “I Been Refused,” “Bamboo Bimbo,” “Beehive,” “Midget,” “Satisfaction,” “Timing X/Soo Bawls,” “Stop Look and Listen,” “O No,” “Be Stiff,” “Uncontrollable Urge,” “Social Fools,” “Jocko Homo,” “Fountain of Filth,” “Gut Feeling,” “U Got Me Bugged (Booji Boy),” and “Clockout.”

For followers of the oddball group, “Hardcore Devo Live!” is something of a bittersweet release. On one hand, it’s a 40th anniversary tribute that heavily focuses on the early work from the 1974-1977 era (which the band affectionately refers to as Hardcore Devo). On the other hand, this release (and the 2014 tour in general) is a tribute to original band member Bob Casale who tragically passed away of heart failure early last year. Sadness aside, however, the existing members go out of their way to give their devoted fans are a rollicking good show that is filled with their trademark weirdness (costumes, masks, and the ever creepy Booji Boy) and a pleasant variety of tunes such as classics like “Jocko Homo” and “Uncontrollable Urge” and underrated tunes like “I Been Refused” and the bluesy “Beehive.”

As an added bonus, viewers will be treated to some interesting interviews in which the band chats about influences, inspirations, the past, old gigs, as well as their art.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a well shot concert film/documentary that has been given a nice hi-def upgrade. The moody lighting, newly shot interviews, and numerous camera movements look particurlarly clean here.

Audio Track: Unspecified. How does it sound? Worry not, this track does not disappoint in the audio department.

* A color booklet with photos and credits.
* The full concert without interviews/
* Photo gallery.
* An alternate opening.
* A featurette in which Ed Marshall talks about how the Satisfaction guitar was created
* Ads for other Devo discs.

Overall Thoughts: “Hardcore Devo Live” is comparable to last year’s DVD release of “Devo: The Men Who Make The Music/Butch Devo and the Sundance Gig” in that it is bound to please the group’s fanbase. Note: “Hardcore Devo Live” is also available on DVD.


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