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Assassination Classroom Volume 1 Manga Review

Assassination Classroom Volume 1 Manga

“Assassination Classroom” is one strange manga series.

Written and drawn by Yusei Matsui, “Assassination Classroom” is an ultra weird manga series that has become insanely popular (to say the least).

In the first volume, readers are introduced to the students of Class 3-E and their teacher. This is no ordinary teacher, however, but rather an all powerful smiley faced octopus like being who moves at mach 20 speed. Oh, and he destroyed 70% of the moon and plans on destroying Earth in one year’s time. Before his eventual destruction of Earth, this crazed thing has curiously opted to teach a class of students of misfits who have problems with authority and or keeping up grades. Of course, the classroom isn’t exactly normal either as students are given the chance to assassinate this teacher thing (known as Koro-Sensei). If anyone can do it, they will be rewarded with 10 billion yen courtesy of the Ministry of Defense.

Aside from constant assassination attempts, there are subplots about Ministry of Defense employee Mr. Karasuma (who becomes the PE teacher), various students (namely Nagisa, Sugino, and Karma), and weapon training.

Despite a limited and somewhat repetitive premise, “Assassination Classroom” is an oddly entertaining series. Sure, it’s absurdly violent and raises more questions than it answers (so far anyway), but the enigmatic Koro-Sensei character is so peculiar and off-the-wall that you can’t help but get swept up into this imaginative, warped, and darkly comedic story.

Overall Thoughts: “Assassination Classroom” is well worth checking out. Note: Volume 2 is now available as well.


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