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A Letter To Momo Blu-ray Review

A Letter To Momo Blu-ray

While emotionally rewarding, “A Letter To Momo” takes too long to get going.

After the tragic passing of her father, a quiet, shy, bored teen (Momo) and her mother (Ikuko) move from Tokyo to Ikuko’s hometown of Shio Island. Amidst having unresolved issues with her father and a strained relationship with her mother, Momo begins to experience strange things such as encountering 3 freaky looking, food loving Yokai (supernatural beings/goblins) named Mame, Iawa, and Kawa. It turns out, these 3 Yokai are on a mission, but why have they come to visit Momo?

After a sluggish 70 minutes of unnecessary build-up and light character development, “A Letter To Momo” finally comes together with a heart tugging second half. Unfortunately, the journey to get to the rewarding family drama moments in the film’s conclusion is wildly uneven.

The problem with screenwriter Hiroyuki Okiura’s script is that it is needlessly long. While there is some set-up required here, the overlong character and location introductions, groan worthy humor (Kawa’s fart attack, anyone?), and endless scenes of Momo freaking out become grating to say the least. Had Okiura edited this material, the film would not only have flowed better, but it would have been a stronger, tighter film overall.

Problems aside, however, “A Letter To Momo” certainly has its heart in the right place with poignant messages about love, friendship, selflessness, and family. In the end, that’s enough to make it worth watching.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The always reliable Production I.G. animation company has put out more incredible work. The crisp character designs and stunning environments (see the storm for reference) are breathtaking.

Audio Tracks: Japanese and English 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How do they sound? The English dub is actually well done here and the original language Japanese track is unsurprisingly worthwhile as well.

* DVD copy.
* 3 pieces of character art.
* GKIDS film trailers.
* A US trailer, a Japanese theatrical trailer, and 2 TV spots for “A Letter To Momo.”
* Ads for Hiroshima tourism, a coffee drink, and home video.
* “The Making of A Letter to Momo” contains behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, discussions about the 7 year long production, Seto island, film clips, the animation, the Japanese voice cast, and more.

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