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World Trigger Volume 2 Manga Review

World Trigger Volume 2 Manga

“World Trigger” volume 2 picks up where the first volume left off.

Written and drawn by Daisuke Ashihara, the second volume of “World Trigger” contains stories about more Neighbors coming through an abnormal gate, Osamu helping people out amidst attacks, Neighbors coming after a student (Chika), a hotshot Border Agent (Jin), the Miwa Squad, Osamu being promoted, and Border Agents being suspicious of a humanoid Neighbor (who we all know is the ever helpful Yuma).

If you were engaged by volume one, there’s little to no doubt that you will be sucked in by volume two. Yes, there are a lot of action heavy moments involving Trigger powers, side effects, and Trion mumbo jumbo, but Ashihara manages to stuff in a surprising amount of story and character development as well. It was especially refreshing to learn about the inner workings of the Border Agents (including the company’s big wigs) as well as more of the agents (namely Jin and Osamu).

On the downside, Daisuke Ashihara is perhaps a little too ambitious with this second volume as it’s all a bit chaotic in structure. Not only does Ashihara have a tendency to jump around from story to story at a breakneck pace, but the author also resolves several subplots rather quickly (see the abnormal gate portion).

Overall Thoughts: As the mythology continues to be explored, the “World Trigger” universe becomes more and more appealing. Bring on volume 3!

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