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The One I Love Blu-ray Review

The One I Love Blu-ray

“The One I Love” is an original relationship drama.

In an effort to rekindle their love and romance, a therapist suggests that married couple Ethan and Sophie venture to a remote vacation home in order to work things out. Initially, the trip seems to be working, but after a bombshell discovery, things become complicated to say the least.

“The One I Love” starts off like a fairly pedestrian relationship drama about trust, marriage, love and idealism, but it soon becomes something else entirely. While I wish I could dig deep into what exactly happens; spoiling this film would be an outright sin. Having gone into the film knowing next to nothing myself, it is far and away the best way to experience the film’s major plot twist. Yes, the more you think about the game-changing moment the less sense it makes, but the film excels at keeping the viewer wondering what is exactly happening. What really makes the gimmicky narrative device work though is that it is played straight. Justin Lader’s script could have easily transformed into whimsical and quirky Hollywood rom-com material, but the movie never goes for cheap laughs. Yes, there is humor, but the movie stays true to its “relationship drama” storyline.

In regards to the cast, Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass literally carry the film on their backs. Since there are shockingly only 3 visible main cast members (Mark Duplass, Elizabeth Moss, and Ted Danson in a very small role), Duplass and Moss do everything and then some (again, I’m being vague here). Suffice to say, this is some of the best work of their already strong careers.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look?  A- worthy.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Since this film is primarily a dialogue driven affair, this track has little to do. With that said, it still does the job exceedingly well.

The only extras include The Weinstein Company trailers, a visual effects reel which compares finished footage with set footage, and an enjoyable commentary by Charlie McDowell and Mark Duplass that offers up behind-the-scenes stories, the tone, the original idea, set experiences, and more.

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