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2 Broke Girls Season 3 DVD Review

Two Broke Girls Season 3 DVD

“2 Broke Girls” offers up more of the same in season three.

In the 24 episode third season of “2 Broke Girls,” Max and Caroline continue their upstart cupcake business venture while also working at the diner. Of course, there’s a bit more plot to the season than just that. You can expect to see stories involving a stray cat, cake fries, Max’s beloved pillowcase, a new waiter (Luis), Han’s non-existent girlfriend, Max attending Pastry school, Caroline entering a complicated relationship with Chef Nicolas, Max dating a pastry school student named Deke, a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a wedding cake, Max trying to get her high school diploma, and the original tenant for their apartment.

If you’ve seen one episode of “2 Broke Girls” you’ve pretty much seen them all. It’s very much a routine “comfort” sitcom that delivers what the fans want and expect to see. In the case of this series, that equals lots of sarcasm, sexual innuendos, raunchy humor, and a tad bit of warm and fuzzy friendship moments between Max and Caroline. That’s all well and good if you are a fan of mindless sitcoms, but if you’re looking for something deeper, you won’t find it here amdist the forced and phony jokes and plotted situations.

On the upside, Kat Dennings continues to steal the show here although I still can’t help but feel this show is beneath her. She should be starring in more films that aren’t “Thor” related. Aside from Dennings, oddball comedian Eric Andre spices up the season with a story arc as Max’s love interest Deke. Obviously, he’s not in his “The Eric Andre Show” mode here, but he seems to be having fun. Lastly, some fans out there might want to know that Lindsay Lohan makes an appearance as a soon to be married woman in the episode “And The Wedding Cake Cake Cake.” Despite all of her offscreen drama, she does fairly well here in a rather blah role.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? It certainly looks better than a standard def broadcast of the series.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? It sounds like a typical sitcom. The laugh track, dialogue, and music are all handled with this DD track.

* Nearly 19 minutes of deleted scenes.
* An amusing nearly 8 minute gag reel.

Overall Thoughts: If you already like “2 Broke Girls,” you might want to pick up this third season set. Note: Season 4 starts October 27, 2014.

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