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Arrow Season 2 DVD Review

Arrow Season 2 DVD

The second season of “Arrow” improves upon the first.

In the 23 episode second season of “Arrow,” Oliver Queen/Green Arrow has his hands full to say the least. After vowing not to kill anymore, the vigilante hero (if you want to call him that) faces off against villains such as China White, The Dollmaker, Deadshot, Count Vertigo, Shrapnel, Cyrus Gold, Bronze Tiger, and the big bad of the season, Deathstroke (who has ties to Oliver’s past). Of course, “Arrow” isn’t just a villain of the week series as there are a multitude of other storylines involving business woman Isabel Rochev, island flashbacks, Laurel’s sister Sara (the first Black Canary), the League of Assassins, Queen Consilidated business issues, Roy undergoing several changes, Moira’s trial and run for Mayor, the return of Malcolm Merlyn, Barry Allen (before he becomes The Flash), Sin, the mysterious Sebastian Blood (AKA Brother Blood) who is running for Mayor, Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, Laurel’s downward spiral, super soldiers, a major character death, a revelation about Thea’s father, Oliver helping his friends (and Starling City), and more Diggle and Felicity moments for fans of those characters.

After an underwhelming first season, the second season ups the ante by giving fans what they want to see. While the series still crams in too many characters/villains and continues to suffer from some cheesy networkitis as I like to call it, “Arrow” is most assuredly coming into its own in its sophomore season. This is most evident in the performance of star Stephen Amell. In season one, Amell struggled in the main role, but he looks more comfortable here in both the dramatic and action departments. This goes a long way into not only buying into the show, but making the show more of a success for TV audiences and comic fans alike.

In terms of the writing, the show is much more confident in its tone and direction in season 2 as well. The ongoing story arcs may be a bit drug out at times, but it’s nice to see the show moving away from the villain of the week formula that plagued season one. On top of that, there are several stand-out episodes here that will blow away viewers. “Three Ghosts” offers an early look at Barry Allen before he becomes “The Flash” (which is premiering in a few weeks time) and also marks the debut of the Green Arrow mask. “Seeing Red” is an eventful episode (I’m being purposefully vague here). Last, but not least, there’s “Unthinkable” which sees the city under siege by Deathstroke and the super soldiers army. Expect plenty of butt kicking by Green Arrow, Black Canary, the League of Assassins, and intense climactic fights with Queen/Arrow and Slade/Deathstroke in the present and past.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? This is a sharp looking television series. It should be noted, however, that this set is also available on Blu-ray.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? The music, sound f/x, dialogue, and action will certainly put your speakers to work.

* Deleted scenes from episodes 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19 and 23.
* A bonus recap episode of season 1 titled “Year One.”
* “From Vigilante To Hero”- A 23 minute examination of the Green Arrow character.
* “How Did They Do That? The Visual Effects Of Arrow”- Self-explanitory.
* “Wirework: The Impossible Moves Of Arrow”- A featurette on the wirework action.
* “Arrow 2013 Comic-Con Panel”- A Q&A from SDCC with Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Marc Guggenheim, Colton Haynes, Andrew Kreisberg, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Greg Berlanti, moderator Damian Holbrook, and a surprise appearance by the always entertaining John Barrowman.
* A goofy near 5 minute gag reel.

Overall Thoughts: There’s never a dull moment in the second season of “Arrow.” While the show has its problems, it’s easy to see why it has become a fan favorite amongst fangirls and fanboys. Note: If you’re eager to see more, tune in to season 3 on the CW October 8, 2014.

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