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Trust Me DVD Review

Trust Me DVD

Trust me and skip “Trust Me.”

With “Trust Me,” Clark Gregg (best known as Agent Coulson from the Marvel universe) stars, produces, writes, and directs this project about a struggling, bumbling agent (Howard) for child actors who hopes to get a big break by representing a talented newcomer (Lydia). Can Howard redeem himself and turn his career around or will the cutthroat Hollywood studio system crush his dreams?

While a film about the horrors of Hollywood, failure, and fame might sound promising on paper, this low budget indie film feels more like a made for TV vanity project for Clark Gregg more than anything else. Rather than telling a hard hitting inside Hollywood story, Gregg stuffs his tonally awkward script with dark subplots about Lydia’s drunken father and Howard’s sad past, a shoehorned in romantic subplot involving Howard and his single mom neighbor Marcy, and a laughably bad twist/surprise ending that does not remotely work.

On the plus side, the all-star cast saves the movie from being unwatchable. Amanda Peet, Felicity Huffman, Molly Shannon, William H. Macy, Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney are all fine in supporting or small roles. As for Clark Gregg, he is, well, Clark Gregg. Much like his previous film work, the actor tries so desperately to be the relatable everyman that it becomes grating after awhile.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? Despite the rather bland visual style, the movie looks adequate in standard definition.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? An all around solid track.

The only extras are Anchor Bay/Starz trailers.

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