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Legendary DVD Review

Legendary DVD

There’s nothing legendary about “Legendary.”

Usually a direct-to-DVD Dolph Lundgren or Scott Adkins movie is some sort of a mindless action (or sci-fi action) spectacle. “Legendary,” however, is really neither of those things. In this particular film, Scott Adkins stars as Dr. Preston, a cryptozoologist who works with a team of scientists trying to find, study, and protect hard to find creatures known as Cryptids. On the either side of the coin, there’s Harker (played by Dolph Lundgren). Harker is a wealthy trophy hunter who is simply in it for the kill. As you can probably guess, Harker and Dr. Preston do not get along as the two are bitter rivals. This becomes especially evident when they travel to China to search for a massive amphibious reptile hybrid who has been murdering local people.

While there are moments of so-called action, “Legendary” feels more like a SyFy Channel flick than anything else as the film’s primary selling point is the cartoony CGI monstrous beast(s) that resembles an oversized Geico Gecko. In fact, “Legendary” is about as good as one of the network’s low budget clunkers as it’s a decidedly by the numbers schlocky movie. Everything you’ve come to expect from a bad monster movie is present here. The CGI creatures are cheesy, the cast isn’t remotely believable in any of the roles, the story rushes through the plot points, there’s little to no characterization, the character actions are devoid of intelligence, the stunt work is laughable, and you can see the pivotal events coming a mile away. Perhaps the film’s biggest offense is that Scott Adkins (of “Ninja” series fame) and Dolph Lundgren (soon to be seen in “The Expendables 3”) are given little to do. The action stars should be kicking butt and taking names instead of chasing around computer generated beasties.


Presentation: 2.39:1. How does it look? For a cheap looking movie, the DVD transfer is shockingly decent.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. The dopey music, dialogue, and sound f/x all sound clear.

Extras include Lionsgate trailers, a Digital HD copy, a “Legendary” trailer, interviews with Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins, and a 15 minute “The Making of Legendary” featurette which contains cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Overall Thoughts: Unless you have to see everything Lundgren and Adkins are in, there’s no reason to check out “Legendary.” Hopefully, we won’t have to suffer through any future sequels as the ending suggests.

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