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My Love Story!! Volume 1 Manga Review

My Love Story!! Volume 1 Manga

While not without its flaws, “My Love Story!!” is a likable manga series.

The story: Soon to be high school students Takeo Senpai and Makoto Sunakawa are best buds who couldn’t be more different from one another. Makoto is a confident, loyal guy that is loved by women (even though he tends to have no interest in the ladies that fawn over him) while Takeo is a dim, loud, tall, intimidating, heroic, sweet, thoughtful guy who has no luck with the ladies. That all changes, however, when Takeo encounters Rinko Yamato (a girl Takeo helps out one day). Even though Takeo initially thinks she just likes Makato (like most girls do), Rinko actually has strong feelings for Takeo. From there on out, Takeo begins a new journey as he forms a relationship with Rinko.

While I’m not sure how this story can be fleshed out into a full fledged series, the first volume of writer Kazune Kawahara’s manga series “My Love Story!!” is still a charming, cute story about young love and friendship. While one can argue the love story between Takeo and Rinko is entirely rushed, the screwball esque nature to the series which will likely keep readers invested. You can’t help but find yourself rooting for the goofy underdog Takeo as his relationship with Rinko progresses amidst secrets, misunderstandings, and even a surprise reveal that Makoto’s sister has a crush on Takeo.

As far as the artwork by Aruko goes, it does the job. The artist certainly excels at making these characters come to live via their expressions and actions. At times, you wouldn’t even need to read the dialogue to see what emotions the characters are displaying which is always the sign of an accomplished artist.


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