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Star Wars Art: Comics Book Review

Star Wars Art- Comics Book

“Star Wars Art: Comics” is a wonderful tribute to “Star Wars” comic artists.

While there have been numerous books dedicated to “Star Wars” concept art and storyboards, “Star Wars Art: Comics” directs attention to something that is often overlooked in the Lucasfilm universe- the comic books. Throughout the pages of this coffee table sized hardcover book, “Star Wars” fans are treated to detailed blown up panels/cover art of varying sizes from various Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, Topps magazine covers, Tokyopop “Star Wars” Manga pieces, and comic adaptations of the films. Rare art commissions from comic industry legends Joe Kubert, Jeff Smith, Arthur Adams, and Paul Pope have also been included.

While I could go on and on about the beautiful pencil and ink, oil and acrylic, colored pencil, brush and ink or digital artwork you will see in this book, I don’t want to spoil everything. Part of the fun of seeing a movie or picking up a book is not knowing what you are about to see. However, it is my duty as a reviewer to give readers an idea of what they can expect to see. So, with that said, I will name but a few of my personal favorite pieces housed in this book: Mike Mignola’s colorful Tusken Raider piece, Hugh Fleming’s glossy “Shadows of the Empire” and Episode 1 comic covers, a gorgeous fold out 3 page private commission by J.H. Williams III, a fold out 3 page work by Hitoshi Ariga from “Star Wars Manga: Silver,” an amusing SW/Indiana Jones crossover piece by Paul Gulacy, and a 4 page spread from “Star Wars: Dark Force Rising” by Terry Dodson.

Aside from the dazzling imagery, readers can expect to see a passionate foreword about comics by comic writer/editor Dennis O’Neil, a preface by Douglas Wolk that explains what you’ll see in the book, an intro by Virginia Mecklenburg (a curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum) about comics, and artist bios. Perhaps the most geektastic part of this book is a J.W. Rinzler presented partial transcript of a conversation between George Lucas, marketing and merchandising vice president Charles Lippincott, Marvel editor Roy Thomas and comic book artist Howard Chaykin about the old school “Star Wars” Marve comics. An absolutely fascinating read to say the least.

Overall Thoughts: Whether you want to admire the nuances of acclaimed comic artists or scope out some striking images of fan favorite characters like Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, or Yoda, “Star Wars Art: Comics” has much to offer fans of the “Star Wars” galaxy. Check out this book and maybe pick up some of the fantastic “Star Wars” comic books that are out there too!

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