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Blood-C: The Last Dark Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

Blood-C- The Last Dark Blu-ray-DVD Combo Pack

“Blood-C: The Last Dark” is better than the “Blood-C” series, but that’s not saying much.

In this follow-up to the appallingly bad “Blood-C” series, the feature length film “Blood-C: The Last Dark” follows the half human/half Elder Bairn sword wielding character Saya. In this outing, Saya teams up with a rag tag group of people that are apart of an organization called Sirrut. Sirrut is trying to overturn the Youth Protection Act and learn about the shady Tower Corporation (run by the evil Fumito) and their nasty experiments. Saya, meanwhile, wants nothing more than to destroy Fumito.  

After suffering through the unwatchable “Blood-C” anime series, there’s no question that “The Last Dark” film is superior in every way to its predecessor. With that said, I still wouldn’t consider the film to be good. As with the series, “The Last Dark” is an overlong, convoluted mess filled with bland characters (see Sirrut member Mana), annoying filler scenes (and attempts at humor), drug out plot twists, endless exposition, and a generally uninvolving main story that is essentially just Saya vs. Fumito (everything else is really just a side story).

The film’s only real saving grace is the animation work by Production I.G.. Everything from the high speed car chase and the cityscapes to the creature designs and the impressive action set piece in an auditorium with a giant Elder Bairn (won’t spoil who that is) is expertly done. The animation team does a fine job of setting the dark tone of the story as well as establishing a sense of place with the Tokyo locations. It’s just a shame their work was wasted on mediocre material.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The film looks sharp and colorful which is exactly what you want from an anime Blu-ray release.

Audio Tracks: English and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? The English track is satisfactory, but I prefer the Japanese track as the voice acting is slightly stronger.

* Trailers for “Akira,” “The Future Diary,” “Michiko and Hatchin,” “Black Lagoon,” “Deadman Wonderland,” “Hellsing Ultimate,” “Eureka Seven AO,” “Sakura Wars,” and Funimation.com.
* A U.S. trailer, an original teaser, an original trailer, and 2 promotional videos for “Blood-C: The Last Dark.”
* NoNeNoNe Theater”- Nono and Nene host these 6 animated shorts in which they chat about everything from Saya to the dog.
* Commentary by Mike McFarland, Alexis Tipton, Jad Saxton, Josh Grelle, Tia Ballard, and others. ADR director McFarland does a fine job of hosting this more serious minded commentary as he chats with other U.S. cast and crew members that pop up throughout the track. The feature film commentaries tend to be much more involving than the episode commentaries because they have more time to talk.

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