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Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth Volume 1 Trade Paperback Review

Godzilla- Rulers of Earth Paperback

“Godzilla: Rulers of Earth” will please Gzilla fans.

In the volume 1 trade paperback of “Godzilla: Rulers of Earth” (which collects the first 4 issues of the series), writer Chris Mowry juggles multiple storylines involving a Megazoology conference, a Kaiju research team (comprised of pivotal characters to the comic series like Lucy and Professor Kenji Ando), two CKR (Counter-Kaiju Reaction) soldiers named Chavez and Steven Woods, Godzilla and Zilla (AKA Godzilla 98) brawling, and shapeshifter aliens (the Devonians) using monsters such as Destroyah to wipe out humanity in order to make Earth their new home. Where are all of these stories leading? Time will tell.

Instead of carefully developing characters and building up a central story, writer Chris Mowry goes all out in the 4 issues by stuffing in tons of characters, Kaiju, and subplots. While this storytelling approach undoubtedly makes the story more fast paced, the characterization is fairly minimal so far. Granted, Mowry has plenty of time and future issues to work with, but so far, this comic series is more focused on the action. Thankfully, the action is top notch here. For longtime fans of the Big G (such as myself), there’s so much to geek out about here. From the many Kaiju cameos (including fan favorite Mothra) to intense monster on monster battles, it’s evident that Chris Mowry knows his stuff.

On the artwork side, artist Matt Frank does a commendable job. While the environments and character designs are pretty standard, he absolutely nails the Kaiju designs and action panels. The work involving Godzilla and company certainly leaves readers feeling as if the towering monsters are jumping off the page. You can’t ask for anything more than that from an artist.

Note: There are several goodies at the back of the trade paperback such as character design sketches, 2 script-to-page comparisons and a beautiful color art gallery (featuring work by Matt Frank, Bob Eggleton, Arthur Adams, and Feff Zornow) of Godzilla, Mothra, Gigan, and others.

Overall Thoughts: With the hotly anticipated “Godzilla” film fast approaching and some enjoyable new “Godzilla” comics being released from IDW, it’s a great time to be a fan of “Gojira.” “Rulers of Earth” is a must have title for anyone who appreciates good old fashioned monster fun.

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