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Peter Pan- Return To Neverland Blu-ray Review

Peter Pan- Return To Neverland Blu-ray

“Peter Pan- Return To Neverland” is better than most Disney sequels.

Set years after “Peter Pan,” “Return to Neverland” takes place during WWII. The story begins with the revelation that a now adult Wendy is married with 2 kids (a daughter named Jane and a son named Daniel). Daniel is a lot like Wendy’s brothers in spirit while Jane is more serious and practical and lacks imagination. After squabbling with her mother, Jane winds up being kidnapped by Captain Hook (who believes Jane is Wendy) and is taken to Neverland. Of course, before Capt. Hook can do anything, Pan rescues Jane. Instead of being caught up by Pan and the magical world of Neverland, Jane just wants to go home. She doesn’t buy into anything going on and doesn’t even believe in Tinkerbell. Naturally, this causes a rift between Jane and Pan (and his Lost Boys and Tinkerbell) and causes even further problems (I won’t reveal what). Can Jane redeem herself and discover her inner child? What plan does Captain Hook have up his sleeve?

Aside from the “Toy Story” sequels and “The Rescuers Down Under,” Disney and Pixar have never had much success in creating GOOD animated sequels. Most of the time, the sequels just recycle ideas from the first film and tack on cheap new songs. While “Return to Neverland” certainly retreads ideas and has several annoying songs (“Do You Believe in Magic”? Really?), ‘Neverland’ is still significantly better than most sequels. While the sequel may arguably be unnecessary, it’s fun to return the world of Neverland and revisit characters. Yes, the story is light and the middle act seems to be non-existent, but there are some fun and touching moments here (especially the scene in which Wendy meets Pan and Tinkerbell again).


Presented in 1.69:1 1080p, the transfer looks as good as you’d expect from a Disney Blu-ray. Granted, the 3D animation looks dated, but the 2D animation looks sublime.

The 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio track delivers in the music and dialogue departments. Again, this comes as no surprise.

* 5 deleted scenes including a cut Hook song.
*”Pixie Previews”- 5 Disney Fairies shorts titled “Hide and Tink,” “Dust Up,” “Shooting Stars!,” “Volley Bug,” and “Just Desserts.”
* An “I’ll Try” music video by Jonatha Brooke.
* DVD copy and digital copy.
* Disney trailers

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