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The King of the Streets Blu-ray Review

The King of the Streets Blu-ray

“The King of the Streets” is a clichéd and poorly shot action film.

After a street fighting criminal (Yue Feng) winds up killing someone in a fight, he is sent to prison for 8 years. After he is released, Feng hopes to turn over a new leaf and live an honest life. Unfortunately for him, he gets brought back into a world of violence when he vows to fight for an orphanage. You see, the orphanage land is valuable and a powerful villainous gangster (and his minions) will stop at nothing to acquire the land cheaply. The orphanage owner continually refuses their offers because he feels they are unfair and, as a result, the gangsters try to persuade and bully the orphanage owner. In order to protect the kids, employees, and a female orphanage worker he has a crush on (Yi), Feng must use his fighting skills for a good cause even if he’s risking his very life in the process.

While writer/director/star Yue Song (AKA Yue Feng) is undoubtedly a talented martial artist (as evidenced by the intense climactic fight in a warehouse with over 20 people), he has much to learn about writing, directing, and acting. When he’s not fighting on screen, there’s literally nothing else to care about on screen. The script is riddled with out-of-date 80’s action movie clichés and blatant symbolism, Song’s non-action on screen presence is lifeless at best, and the cinematography is so jerky and unprofessional that it looks like it was shot on an iPhone. It’s as if Song just tried to mimic other action movie star films without trying something new that would separate him apart from the other action heroes in the film world.


The film, which is presented in widescreen, has an impressive hi-def transfer. It’s certainly better than the film deserves considering how amateurish the cinematography is.

The Mandarin 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio track (with English subtitles) does the job. The action and dialogue all sounded crisp and clear.

The only extras are Well Go USA trailers and a trailer for “The King of the Streets.”

Summary: The next time Yue Song appears in a movie, hopefully someone else will take over the writing and directing duties. Yue Song can certainly kick butt, but that’s all he should be doing in movies.

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