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Aftershock Blu-ray Review

Aftershock Blu-ray

“Aftershock” is little more than a series of predictably gruesome theatrics.

What starts out as a fun-filled romp through Chile for 3 guys (Gringo, Ariel, and Pollo) and 3 women (Monica, Kylie, and Irina) soon becomes a nightmare when a devastating earthquake strikes. The natural disaster isn’t the only concern for these 6 characters, however, as a nasty gang of looters, killers, criminals, robbers, and rapists are running rampant through the city terrorizing anyone they come across.

Even though up and coming director Nicolás López directed “Aftershock,” the film has Eli Roth written all over. Roth (best known for the “Hostel” films and “Cabin Fever”) co-wrote, produced, and starred in this death filled small scale survival horror disaster film. Instead of branching out and trying something different with the disaster genre, Eli Roth (and co-writers Nicolás López, and Guillermo Amoedo) opt to give us what is essentially another torture porn horror film with an earthquake backdrop. Don’t expect there to be any likable, non one-dimensional characters that the audience can invest in here as they are all nothing more than fodder for gruesome deaths. In fact, that’s all this movie really is. There’s no real story about natural disasters or the human spirit. The film is just a series of ugly and unpleasant scenes that take gleeful pleasure in presenting a variety of gruesome deaths. It’s a flat-out mean spirited film that never strives for any sort of realism and instead relies on death and destruction for mere entertainment value.

The only thing that makes this film remotely watchable is the production values. For a low budget disaster film, it all looks pretty convincing. Granted, the film doesn’t show a lot and the director and editor often resort to reaction shots instead of showing us what happens, but there’s still several well done practical and visual f/x on display here such as the falling debris shots and the final frame.


Presented in 1.78:1 1080p, the film looks visually compelling whether the action is taking place in a vibrant club or on the rubble filled streets.

Loud music and loud earthquake action can be expected on this stand-out 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio track.

* Anchor Bay trailers.
* “The Making Of Aftershock” contains cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, discussions about the concept and script, a look at how certain scenes were made, etc.
* “Shaking Up The Casting Process”- Footage of hidden camera casting session pranks. Not funny in the least.
* Commentary by Eli Roth and Nicolas Lopez. The two have great chemistry and are clearly enthusiastic about filmmaking, but it’s a shame they don’t have a better film to talk about.

Summary: I wish Eli Roth would go back to his “Cabin Fever” roots instead of working on poorly conceived horror efforts like “Aftershock.”

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