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Star Trek: The Next Generation- Redemption Blu-ray Review

Star Trek- The Next Generation- Redemption Blu-ray

Fans of Worf and the Klingons will find much to love about “Redemption.”

After the success of “The Best of Both Worlds” feature-length film release on Blu-ray, another two-parter (“Redemption”) has been given the same treatment. In this classic TNG tale, Worf tries to regain his honor amidst a power struggle between the Duras family and the future leader of the Klingon high council- Gowron. The civil conflict grows more complicated, however, when the Duras family is found out to be working with the Romulans. As the fate of the Klingon homeworld (Qo’noS) lies in the balance so too does the Klingon-Federation alliance. Worf wants the Federation to help out in this urgent matter, but Picard doesn’t want to drag the Federation into an internal war. The Romulan’s involvement does change matters greatly, but will the Federation intervene?

After the shaky and somewhat awkward Klingon interpretation of the first two seasons of TNG (especially of Worf), things thankfully changed for the better for the beloved alien species. This was never more evident than in season 4 as Worf’s character grew leaps and bounds. One of the clear Klingon centric highlights of that season was “Redemption” which delved deeply into Worf’s character, Klingon politics, Worf’s brother Kern (wonderfully played by cult icon Tony Todd), Klingon customs, and the fan favorite Klingon sisters (Lursa and B’Etor).

Outside of all the Klingon plotlines, fans also witnessed the shocking inclusion of Tasha’s daughter and a delightful subplot involving Data deservedly becoming a Captain for a mission. To say “Redemption” is loaded with story and rich character moments is an understatement. There is so much going on here that it’s hard not to be glued to the screen.

As admirable as “Redemption” is, however, the budget clearly hampers the episode(s) a bit. The ship battles no doubt feel scaled down as the conflicts definitely could have been more epic (especially with all of the fleets and ships being mentioned but unseen). Also, while perhaps a time limitation more than anything else, the ending felt completely rushed. The conflict ended a bit too easily for my taste, but that’s always been an issue with a lot of 2 parter resolutions.

P.S. This Blu-ray disc contains yet another great snap cover case.


“Redemption,” which is presented in 4:3 1080P, has never looked better. Yes, I know I keep showering every TNG Blu-ray release with praise, but, quite frankly, they deserve every bit of it. From the Klingon homeworld sets to the bridge of the Enterprise, everything looks so much more crisp and clear. I can’t even imagine watching this show on TV or on DVD ever again because the Blu-rays are that impressive

The 7.1 DTS-HD MA audio track offers so much more depth to the Klingon ship disruptors, the score, the Klingon dialogue delivery, etc. If only every TV show had this kind of audio treatment…

* Trailers for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” seasons 3 and 4, “The Best Of Both Worlds,” and “Enterprise” season 2.
* Promos for “Redemption” parts 1 and 2.
* Ultraviolet digital copy.
* “Survive And Succeed: An Empire At War”- A half hour featurette that includes a variety of interviews with the likes of Ronald D. Moore and Robert O’Reilly as well as discussions about cliffhangers, Worf, the Klingons, and Denise Crosby. Another splendid extra feature.
* Commentary by Mike and Denise Okuda and the legendary Ronald D. Moore. A lot of the info here is on the ‘Survive’ featurette, but it’s still a solid track. Discussions include 2 parters, Gene Roddenberry’s views on Worf initially, the scripts, the ship designs, Tasha’s timeline, and much more.

Summary: “Redemption” may have a few issues, but it’s still a very deep and rewarding Worf and Klingon centric story.

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